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Leather / Fabric Protection
Leather / Fabric Protection

Leather / Fabric Protection

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Shine On offers you a wide range of protective coatings and restorers to protect all the interior leather, fabric and vinyl materials in your car. Our wrinkle-free leather protection helps in keeping the pigments and essential oil of your leather in place. Thus, it prevents cracking and hardening of leather. By blocking the harmful ultra-violet rays from penetrating the leather, leather protection prevents the color from fading. Our fabric protection materials maintain the quality of your car’s interior by protecting the fiber. Fabric protection prevents dirt and liquid from damaging your interior and thus prevents stains.
Where Carshine is exception
• wrinkle-free leather/fabric protection
• Prevents the color from fading by blocking UV rays
• Reduces dust and glare and enhances the gory of the interior
• Maintains the highest quality
• Technologically advanced
• Prevents stains
• Prolongs the life of the car’s interiors

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